The continuum of Ism’s – Communism vs Capitalism.

E.Q.  What are the driving ideologies that shape the 20th century? How do the concepts of Communism and Capitalism incite war?

Learning Objectives: Students will understand the historical and ideological differences between Communism and Capitalism. Students will compare and contrast the economic philosophy of Karl Marx and Adam Smith. Students will understand some of the implications of the ideologies as they were realized in history. Students will reflect on which ideology if any they agree with.

Monday/ Tuesday  05/16, 05/17 – Finish Map Activity  Ism’s Organizer,  Finish Poster 05/17 – Poster Project 

Vocabulary: Means of Production, Laissez-Faire, Invisible Hand,  self organization, worker alienation, class struggle.

Assessment: Social Presence in class, Ism’s Organizer -, Poster Project – After looking at a series of propaganda posters. Students will develop a ‘poster’ for both Capitalism and Socialism that helps promote the cause of each for the 21st century – Posters must include a slogan and at least 2 distinct images that illustrates their cause. EQ – How do governments promote their ideologies in the 20th century? What elements might work to promote the same ideologies in the 21st century?

Resources: PDF capitalism_socialism_communism.  Adam Smith vs. Karl Marx – 12:34,  Karl Marx and Alienation 1:58,  Karl Marx  Political Philosophy 9:28 , Adam Smith Political Philosophy 6:43 – ?Capitalism – Crash Course 14:02?,  Soviet Posters – 35 communist propaganda posters – Huffington Post 2014. Chinese posters the Great Leap Forward.


Communism in 1985-

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